River Cottage author brings passion for game to Wales

May 3, 2023

Autumn 2022 brought TV Chef and River Cottage Author Tim Maddams to Wales, to deliver a Game Meat Wales workshop series targeted at the Welsh hospitality sector.

This workshop series, tailored to Wales, was open to those in Welsh butchery, farm shop and deli sector, as well as across the general hospitality industry.

Tim’s mission was to inspire confidence and creativity in cooking with Welsh game and featuring it on the menu.

Who better to break down those barriers when it comes to understanding and cooking with game. With over 25 years industry experience, and knowing a thing or two about food and the impact of food production, Tim previously sat on the board of The Country Food Trust working to deliver game based meals to over 2.5 million people in need.

Myth busting and promoting the health benefits and versatility of game were key factors in the workshop presentation. Attendees also explored the handling of different types of game; from why Pheasant and Partridge meat needs to be handled differently to chicken, to why Mallard should be on everyone’s list and how Venison should be celebrated year round.

With seasonality and pairing ingredients in mind, trends and popular recipes played an important part too, explaining how different cuts and even the sex and age of the animal can effect end use and how butchers and chefs can work in ways that will either celebrate that – or mitigate it though creative cookery and preparation.