Why choose to eat and enjoy game meat?

In contrast to farmed meat, game meat is wild and natural, and more often locally traceable. Remarkably versatile and being both low in fat and cholesterol and high in protein, this sustainable meat is considered a healthier and nutritious option. As game meat derives from freely moving animals who forage and have highly active free ranging lifestyles in their natural environments, it is superbly rich in flavour and firm in texture lending itself to limitless recipes, with something to suit all palates.

Game meat –a whole different animal but a wonderful way to expand your culinary horizons.

It’s surprisingly versatile

Starring in many a great tasting recipe from curries to casseroles, pasta dishes to pot roasts and pies it can easily be used as a substitute for a leaner, healthier alternative in your existing favourite go-to recipes.

When it comes to buying and cooking with game, your local butcher and supermarket will have a variety of prepared cuts of game meat available, with some butchers able to source what you need locally, if it’s not already available. Imagine knowing exactly where tonight’s dinner was sourced from?

Many specialised online retailers offer quality assured oven ready game meat too- and if you’re more of a seasoned cook, why not try preparing your own game?

Game meat can also be frozen meaning it can be enjoyed beyond the game season, so whether you’re looking to try something different with your meat and two veg this Easter or mix up your Summer BBQ menu, game meat is not just for Autumn and Winter.

Eating healthily has never tasted so good.

Along with its versatility, game meat is regarded a healthier alternative to many meats; being both wild and nutritional it is an excellent source of protein, vitamins and minerals and contains less saturated fat than farmed animals.

High in Omega-3 fatty acids (the good sort of fat) this low-calorie meat derives from free roaming animals that feed on natural vegetation and live free from hormones and antibiotics meaning what you see is what you get; a flavour that packs a punch when it comes to all things natural tasting and good for you.

Fancy giving game a try?

Our easy to follow recipes will show you just how hassle-free cooking with game meat can be. Your taste buds won’t be disappointed either, we promise.

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